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Toulouse Football Club signs a strategic and technical collaboration with FC Harlem (New York, USA) for the next five seasons.

Toulouse Football Club is pleased to announce the conclusion of a historic agreement with FC Harlem, marking the first cooperation between a French professional club and an American team.

Always driven by its desire to innovate and seize new opportunities, TéFéCé is committed to this promising collaboration which opens up new prospects for each of the two clubs and which aims to share knowledge and skills between our two entities.

After two years of regular exchanges punctuated by numerous discussions and visits, Toulouse FC and FC Harlem have planned several ambitious projects for the years to come.

The Toulouse Football Club is thus committed to providing its active support for the development of the FC Harlem academy as well as its elite programme. Additionally, the club will help create a Grassroots program specifically designed for youth ages 6-12, dedicated exclusively to the New York club community. 

TéFéCé and FC Harlem will work closely to bring these exciting projects to life and grow these shared ambitions.

Remy Loret, Director of Football Development for Toulouse Football Club, will take on the role of technical consultant, thus playing a key role in the development and implementation of the various initiatives.

The Toulouse Football Club is convinced that this innovative collaboration with FC Harlem will be a turning point in the history of the club and will pave the way for many opportunities for the future. 

We are extremely honored to engage in this innovative and ambitious project. The project developed by Irvine Smalls is truly captivating, and we are proud that the Toulouse Football Club can fully commit to it. Exporting our know-how in player development is an important mission for our evolution, and we are delighted to see that our expertise is now recognized internationally. Our commitment to FC Harlem, which encompasses the development of its talents through sporting excellence, in addition to the establishment of a social and societal program to serve the Harlem community, aligns perfectly with our values ​​and the approach we have taken within our club over the past four seasons. Finally, I would like to highlight the work of Remy Loret and Selinay Gurgenc, who devoted many months to carrying out and concluding this project. Their passion and commitment have been key factors in its success.

Damien Comolli, President, Toulouse Football Club 

Very happy after almost two years of exchanges and meetings, to conclude this collaboration with FC Harlem, a symbol of creativity, innovation and diversity. It is an important step in the evolution of the club to have our know-how recognized internationally in terms of player training. FC Harlem shares the same values ​​and ambitions as Toulouse Football Club in its desire to put together a high-level project with its community.

Remy Loret, Director of Football Development, Toulouse Football Club 

Today, I am really delighted to sign this strategic collaboration with the Toulouse Football Club. This is the first-ever technical agreement for an inner-city soccer club in the United States. We believe that communities like Harlem and the Bronx, which are teeming with as yet unidentified and underdeveloped talent, can add real value at the highest professional level, whether on the field or in leadership positions. The Toulouse Football Club not only has one of the twenty best academies in Europe, but its identity, which is a unique blend of community, culture and innovation, corresponds to the values ​​of Harlem! I am convinced that our players, our staff and our community will benefit from our cooperation.

Irvine Smalls, Executive Director FC Harlem