June 22nd, 2019 3pm – 5pm Session #1 | June 23rd, 2019 5pm- 7pm Session #2


Location: Columbia University Soccer Stadium |: 533 W 218th St, New York, NY 10034


• MUST live in Harlem/ Bronx / Wash. Heights/ Manhattan
• Age: Jan.1,2003- Dec. 31,2004 (U17)
• MUST fill out registration form


LIONS is a player development focused program for select talented underserved players of color from Harlem, Bronx and Manhattan. On the pitch the program consists of fitness sessions,highly competitive tournaments, leagues and friendlies. Off the field we focus on character building, life skills and academic support. Each player will receive an IAP ( Individual Action Plan) assessing strengths and weaknesses using the latest technology and support from Chelsea Football Club coaches.


Chelsea FC Coaches will run the tryouts.
Chelsea FC is committed to helping more youth of color from inner cities develop their game.


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