Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world and is an inner city sport, played by all races, the poor, working class and affluent alike. However, in the United States soccer operates as an overpriced “PAY TO PLAY” system which thrives for privileged youth in suburban communities and more affluent neighborhoods in the urban centers of America.

Since 1991, have exposed over 10K underrepresented youth of color from Harlem, Bronx and Washington Heights neighborhoods to the world’s game through minimum to no cost programs in a fun and low-pressure environment.

Consistent with the growth of the professional game in the United States for both men and women, FC Harlem has expanded upon the mission to develop world class players from the undervalued inner cities and working-class communities to go pro both on and off the field.



Harlem is a multicultural globally recognized community that is not exclusively defined by street borders.  Its past, present and future will always be identified by Black Culture.  The influence and impact of that culture of EXCELLENCE, CREATIVITY, JOY AND PERSEVERANCE can be seen across the world.

Similarly, FC Harlem collectively embraces Black culture and the cultural differences of our players and their families. This organic collaboration and inclusiveness is the DNA of FC Harlem.


To BE COURAGEOUS is an intentional mindset on how to approach life on and off the field.


C – Committed

O – Observant

U – United

R – Resilient

A – Action Oriented

G – Generous

E – Exceptional

O – Optimistic

U – Unique

S – Selfless


FC Harlem will address the total person in our 4 key areas of:


Leadership Development

Academic Achievement

Career Development

Through appropriate identified community service providers whose mission and values align with FC Harlem goals. It is vital to create a collaborative environment that connects players with the needed resources to encourage youth independence and growth and conducive to youth empowerment spearheaded by their peers. FC Harlem will obtain feedback from the youth and the community to determine who or what should be part of a supportive safe eco system for growth