FC Harlem volunteer opportunities are open to all individuals of any nationality and gender. We seek a good balance of young professionals, parents and youth from the Harlem and Bronx community and greater New York area in both the private and public sectors. Position may require different skill-sets and experiences which can include, but are not limited to: understanding of or experience in soccer, using sport as a tool for youth development, experience living and working with youth in the inner cities, project management skills, language skills, and fundraising.  Most importantly, FC Harlem seeks volunteers looking to positively impact the Harlem and Bronx community through service to youth.


Please take a minute to read our Code of Conduct and fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire below. If you are interested in being a coach, please check the YES box on form and fill out the Coaches Agreement. Selected volunteers will be contacted for information and training sessions. All volunteers are subject to background checks.


It is mandatory that all volunteers participate in FC Harlem’s information and training sessions. Volunteers will be informed of times and locations of upcoming information sessions.


The purpose of the FC Harlem code of conduct is to promote a positive environment of sportsmanship and respectful behavior among our players, volunteers, parents and staff.

FC Harlem believes that to develop true Leaders In Our Neighborhoods L.I.O.N we must act in a way that respects ourselves and those around us.

FC Harlem believes in the following principles

  • Learn – Keep an open mind.
  • Integrity
  • On time- Be on time
  • Never stop trying

The actions and behaviors of those involved in FC Harlem will affect many youth; therefore it is imperative that all those connected with FC Harlem always engage in conduct that is positive and representative of FC Harlem.

Examples of Conduct Violation:

  • Fighting
  • Possession or use of drugs/alcohol/tobacco
  • Possession of use of a weapon
  • Disrespecting and verbally abusing a player, volunteer, coach, parent or staff
  • Participating in a gang
  • Swearing or displaying obscene, vulgar gestures or language
  • Vandalism of FC HARLEM property

FC Harlem staff and coaches are expected to treat players respectfully, consistently and fairly at all times. Parents are asked to be supportive of all players and respect the decisions of the coaches, referees and FC HARLEM staff.

We expect everyone involved with FC Harlem to respect this code of conduct. Any misconduct or inappropriate behavior may result in suspension or expulsion from the organization.